My dad in Virginia makes a beautifully designed newsletter with ads that go out to certain neighborhoods in my hometown. When he has an extra ad space he will put my pet portrait ad in it. He has been doing this on and off for a while but this was actually the first commission I got from his newsletter and it just so happened to be when I myself redesigned my business card which my dad cropped to fit the space. Before, it was his ad he designed for me and he is the graphic designer not me so I feel very proud of myself!

Anyway this is a kitten drawing of Soozie named after the black eyed Susan flower. Soozie is now 17 years old! It was a joy to work on this portrait. It always helps to have cooperative, grateful clients.

“Rita, It arrived!  I love it…I am mailing your business card to several of my friends. I am, indeed, a satisfied customer. Thanks.” 

-Susan T., Virginia