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Thank you for your interest! I would love to sketch a portrait for you! I have been drawing my whole life and became a professional portrait artist in 2003. I love to draw pets but will also draw people. If you think of your pet as a member of your family, having a portrait drawn of your loved one would be a treasure to own! Honor your pet in a beautiful work of art.

Deciding to get a portrait. Whether you want the portrait for yourself or as a gift for someone, I can meet your needs. Please look at my samples to see other portraits I have recently done. Viewing my drawings will let you know what style and quality to expect when commissioning a portrait. You can even see the photos I drew from and how I interpret that photo into a finished portrait. If you are impressed by the work I’ve done (thanks!) and excited to get started (me too) then keep reading…

What you will be getting. I create black and white pencil drawings. Your purchase of each drawing will include matting which fits a standard frame size. The art will also be wrapped in protective plastic which keeps it safe until you are ready to frame it. I work no larger than on 11”x14” paper, so there is limited space to draw multiple faces. If you want many faces drawn, you may think it is worth paying more for separate drawings if you want more detail in each face. See pricing below for more info. Turnaround time is usually 2-3 weeks per drawing but let me know if you need it sooner and I will do my best to accommodate you. (I once completed a drawing in just 3 days!)

Prepare your photo(s). The quality of the finished drawing all depends on the quality of photo you send me. Photo must be in focus (enough to see the direction in which fur/hair is growing.) Lighting should be natural without dark shadows that blackout details. If I can’t clearly see something, I can’t draw it. If you want one drawing of multiple subjects from different photos I can usually combine them. High resolution digital photos are best (better than most cell phone photos). I always need a printout (which I can make myself) whether you have that or not. You can look through photos you already have and email me your favorites.

Taking a new photo: You can use the following tips to take a new photo that can specifically be used for the portrait. Do not use a flash! Natural lighting is best. Try taking a picture inside with lighting from a window. Or take a picture outside during overcast. Or if sun is out, have your subject face the sun while trying to avoid strong shadows. A close-up is ideal, but having camera too close can cause distortion. I recommend using your camera’s zoom lens to get a good close-up. The photo should be taken at the subject’s eye level so there is no perspective or distortion.

Send your photos. Send your favorites to and I will help you chose which photo will make the best drawing. Photographs mailed to me will be returned with your finished portrait. Email me for my mailing address.

Cost of Portrait. Size, how many subjects, background, how much of body shown (etc.) will determine the price. See below for prices. After your photo is accepted I will send you an order form to determine your exact quote. 

Payment. A non-refundable $50 deposit of total cost will be due before project can begin. Remaining balance is due once portrait is complete and approval by you is made. Delivery will not be made until final payment is received. Payment will be accepted by check, PayPal, or in cash if you can meet in person (which allows for a discount!)

View progress. You can see the portrait’s progress by looking at my facebook page. If your portrait is a gift/surprise, I will privately email you the progress so please check your email daily! This way you can see how the drawing is coming along and you can provide me with feedback.

My goal is to create a portrait that you and your family will love. Please email me your comments. Your testimonial may even appear on my site!

my prices june 2017


Rita Frazee


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