Thank you for your interest! I would love to hear from you!

Feel free to email me a photo of your pet for a quote on your custom portrait. I am currently located in central Texas, yet I will ship my drawings anywhere in the U.S. for no extra cost! I would love to create a portrait for you to cherish.

Contact through email:

Follow me on facebook and Instagram @Rita_isketchpets

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Rita, I didn’t see a way to message you via Facebook, so I thought I’d try through this link. My email phone# is 509-893-8358 – I normally work mon-fri 9-6 but am off on Monday the 19th, so you can try me on Tues. Hopefully we’ll find a way to display your work! Best, Ellen Peters, librarian, Spokane County Library District

  2. Hello Rita – we were hoping to use your Columbine sketch on a certificate Senator Woods of Colorado is giving to children who are visiting the Senator at the Capitol. If we could also use it for her letter head that would also be nice. It is a beautiful sketch. May we have permission to do so? Sincerely – Cheryl Steinberg, Senator Woods Aide

    • Hi Cheryl. I am flattered you would like to use my drawing. You can only use it if I am compensated. Another issue is that the photo I have of the drawing is not very clear. It will not reproduce well unless in a small scale. I never scanned it and the drawing belongs to my mother in law. Please email me and we can discuss.

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