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Grandma and Grandsons

After completing my last drawing of the 2 adorable brothers for my friend, I was asked to do another by her mom; the grandmother of the boys! This photo they took at the hospital I am just in love with! (Except for it being blurry so I did have to ask for more reference photos.) Anyway, it reminds me of a moment captured by artist Norman Rockwell. The expression on their faces of the pure joy of welcoming a new baby to the family is just priceless! I have to say the baby was easy to draw on this one…no face showing, just a swaddled bundle of joy. So I did not even charge for a 3rd person. The plaid shirt was time consuming yet made for an interesting portrait. Grandma loved it and she even bought 2 of the same frames so I can do another portrait in the future. Hopefully that will be coming up soon!





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