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Drawing of my cat (Bella)

Process and some detail:

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Many times, I am inspired by a photograph to draw a portrait. I cannot draw a detailed animal drawing from a live sitting, so I try to take very clear and close up photos of the pet’s face. I always love to take pictures of my pets and it seems like some cats actually like to pose for the camera. My cat Bella was sitting on top of our chair right by the window and the lighting was beautiful so I took a few photographs to capture the moment. A simple photo like that can turn into an amazing drawing.

Working on 11×14 drawing paper in graphite pencil, I created this portrait of my cat Bella. For a cat like Bella it is not even necessary to draw in color because she is mostly black, grey and white. While drawing, Bella was being very sneaky and curious. I would find her staring at the drawing and even sleeping under the table. She always wants to be near me.  I spent about 20 hours on this drawing. Now hanging on my wall at home, it is double matted and framed in black.

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My chocolate lab puppy (Leia)

I have been working on this portrait on and off for months. Started when she was about this size right after Christmas and finally got myself to finish it. I drew her collar to show how small she was back then, she is now 9 months old and has grown a lot! Now I want to find another picture of her to draw to show how much she has grown.

Reference photo.