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Commissioned Family Portraits

Portraits for the Griffin family. Chalk Pastel. 8 x 10.
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Charcoal portrait

I usually don’t grid my drawings, but I wanted this to be very accurate. I might end up doing it more because it saves a lot of time and erasing and I get the exact size I want. I am used to working with chalk on smooth paper so this was a little bit of a challenge and at step 3, I was having a hard time blending, but I figured it out in the end.


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Portrait of my soldier

Here are some drawings and a painting with reference photos of my husband Dennis.


This was done in 2004 in graphite:


This was drawn for a display portrait while working at KAS. I spent an hour and a half on it. Kamans liked it so much that they sent it to Ohio to make copies to send to other parks. It is hanging up at Busch Gardens VA and Sea World Orlando.


I painted this in a summer painting class of 2007 with acrylics. Spent a couple hours on it. Maybe 8? Took 2 days to finish.